Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do you really stop and savor?

Life goes passing by faster than I realize these days. When growing up a week felt like months and months felt like years. Now time just flies and I somehow never know if I'm coming or going. I guess life has a way of keeping us on our toes now doesn't it?

Here it is the end of June 1/2 way through 2010 already. I haven't done many exciting journeys to proclaim. I wish I had. Work ties up alot of time but that's what happens when you choose the hospitality business. I have made a few cook outs with my friends this year that have been truly a treat. Time with friends and family mean the most to me and when I get those moments I grab onto them with both hands. I enjoy the relaxing and laughter that come with these special times.

A few weeks ago I experienced a 1st. It's taken me 44 years but I am finally able to say I have seen the Liberty Bell. My job took me to the Philadelphia area for two weeks. While there I actually had a day off to tour the old city. My love of history grabbed me by storm and off I went. I enjoyed my afternoon wandering around learning about Philly. On the day I was to drive back towards Pittsburgh I saw a billboard to my favorite town Gettysburg. I couldn't resist. It was as if my car was in auto pilot and I had no choice. What an amazing afternoon that was. Re enactors were actually in town that day and I was also able to tour the new visitors center and museum. Yes this was definately a great week to fill me with history at it's best.

While I was away for work I was able to eat at two amazing Restaurants. Redstone Grille and Devons Seafood. Devons is a sister location in the company I work for and that was a "wow" experience for me. The menu and service were out of this world and to be able to sit there and look outside onto this park that was like Philly's version of Central Park was alot of fun. The people & dog watching was endless. And to have food that was not the same as what I eat and serve everyday was truly a treat.

This summer I have made a decision that has altered my summertime cooking. One of the greatest things about summer is cooking outside on the grill with fresh foods and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Ever since I can remember I've owned a gas grill since moving out on my own. This summer I have taken a jump back in time to charcoal grilling where Grilling and Chillin is what it's all about. Many of us like the convienece of the gas grill but once you step back and have an item cooking on a wood/charcoal grill you realize this is how food should really taste.

The more I think about it does one stop and truly think about the food they just bit into? How was the texture? Was the flavor what you were expecting or something totally off the wall? Would you get that again? Life is short, take a moment and think about what it is you are eating and savor the moment and savor the flavor.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Laundry to fold, holiday decorations to pack up, floors to sweep and mop, errands to run. Is a day off truly a day off? Sometimes I really wonder. A friend once told me to do your best to accomplish all your chores on your work days so your days of are truly days off. But for some odd reason I cannot seem to organize that concept in my life. Does anybody?

My biggest excitement for my days off is what am I going to cook for dinner. I so love having a home cooked meal after being in a restaurant all week long. And to be able to flip through pages of a cookbook and create a recipe as if I was taking on a science project of mixing ingredients together and not really knowing the true outcome till we sit down to eat. It truly is an exciting part of my day. Now today my challenge is to figure out what in the world am I in the mood for and how complicated of a cooking project do I want to get into. Decisions decisions.

Work has started off for 2010 with big changes on the positive side of things. We have a new boss that everyone seems rather pleased with. I know I am. We've been handed some projects probably more than we've had in almost two years and it's actually exhilerating and fun to have the passion back to tackle whats been laid before ones self. Funny how when the mind is put to work and not stagnet one feels more alive. Almost like taking your vitamins or going to the gym and getting a big burst of energy. It truly is "A Good Thing."

As for winter weather around here. The snow is pretty but the frigid temps can go. The chilling air has been brutal for the past week. At times I feel like the little boy from A Christmas Story all bundled up and can't put my arms down. If you dare step out not prepared your frozen in seconds. Can't imagine winter life for my Canadian friends brrrrrrrr. I think it's time for a nice hot cup of coffee to not only warm up but to motivate with all these chores to accomplish. Caffine push here I come.