Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Exciting Changes

Here we are streaming into the middle of March and it always amazes me how life seems to fly by as I grow older. Remembering back to my "kid" years time just seemed to linger and never move along. Gosh I miss the good old days.

It's an exciting time around our house for we made the decision this past fall we were jumping in to the remodeling world and updating our home. Starting with my favorite room in the whole house the kitchen. When we started on this venture I would never of guessed that planning a remodel would take months and lots of homework. I guess I was blind to the real world in this matter and thought it all happened with a snap of ones finger. Oh no was I ever wrong.

Finding a designer / company to work with, what exactly did we want, then the want list had to be streamlined to what exactly the area we had to work with and how to make it all happen. As we went through pages of books, web sites, models in the showroom the fear kept bouncing around inside of my brain "What if I choose something horribly wrong? I'm gonna have to live with this for the rest of my life!!! " I am at the point of announcing there is no turning back on our decisions for everything is ordered Now I'm at the packing up the kitchen stage. Yep that truly started today. #1 goal is if I haven't used it in years and even forgotten about it way back in the cupboard then it must go. Of course all was going well till I found this ancient old bottle opener back in a drawer and asked my husband if it he was cool if I got rid of it. See this was his childhood home so I'm having a feeling I may find a few things tucked back in corners I had missed during the transition of our move in 10 years ago. As you already figured the bottle opener is staying. I hope these 27 new cabinets have plenty of room.

My passion for cooking is the most relaxing thing I do in my life. This new kitchen will be a boost to my cooking spirits. I stumbled over the most amazing cookbook last week on line and without a doubt ordered it. A Taste of Utica from central New York has it's own unique style of cooking and just flipping through the pages after the book arrived I could taste home. Chicken Riggies, Utica Greens, Tomato Pie, Hemstrought's Bakery Half Moon Cookies, Blueberry Pierogi, Peperoni Soup, Italian Rum Cake, Pizza Dough, Our area sauces. Maybe I'm a little homesick and need to plan my trip back upstate soon. Ya think?

So the countdown begins, cupboards are cleaned out, and the excitement for the arrival of a dishwasher in a home that never had one is more than words can express.

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