Friday, October 21, 2011

Creating My Own Dish

Here we are Fall already and I am getting ready for my long awaited Father Daughter vacation next week.  So excited it's been a few years since we've taken one.  I know we are both excited for traveling west is promising to be much warmer than the weather is around here these days.  Now where did I put those shorts of mine?  

Well a few years ago my husband and I took a trip to one of our favorite places Montreal.  While up there we went to an amazing restaurant where I had a crepe with chicken supreme.  I've tried to recreate that dish and well my crepes just didn't taste the same.  So in my dreaming of that wonderful trip and longing for that dish again I decided to put my own twist on it and I recreated the supreme part by using my chicken pot pie filling that my husband loves.  As for the crepe well I nixed that idea and decided on a belgium waffle but infused the batter with rosemary.  It turned out to be a hit in our house.  

What was the best dinner conversation that night?  The fact that so many people think one has to stick to a recipe or says they cannot cook.  It always amazes me how many people think cooking is scary or hard.  It's edible artwork that goes as far as your imagination and taste buds will let you. If you like something try and recreate it.  What's the worst that can happen? You have to try a few times to get it just right.  

As for those recipes in a book.  Go for it and try the recipe.  If your a beginner make it the first time or so the way it says till your use to it then stray and experiment.  If you are a little more advanced go for it.  Use your imagination on how you think you can alter it and see what happens ~ BE DARING.  

And the best thing anyone who tries a recipe and loves it.  Remember a great recipe needs to be shared.  Spread the love.  

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