Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cooking Withdrawl

What have we done?
After living in our home for almost 11 years now we have finally taken the plunge into remodeling our outdated kitchen.  

For years I have so longed for an updated modern kitchen with all the bells and whistles that today's kitchens have to offer but there was one little barrier standing in my way.  Our home is my husbands childhood home and as you all know the heart of the home is in the kitchen and his family truly lived in their kitchen.  His mom ran her Avon business out of her kitchen from their peninsula table which was the heart spot in the room.  After his parents passed we decided to move to the bigger home on a quieter street which was less traveled than what our 1st home was on.  Of course I never thought the day would come that a change in the kitchen would come.  When I would ask about changes I would get "My mom lived here 40 years and liked things just the way they are." Yes it's been a journey.  

Living in a home that had a kitchen that was a one person working kitchen with no dishwasher was a rough road for a person who's career by trade is working in a restaurant for a living.  Amazingly this past November I was told my Christmas gift this year would be a new kitchen.  I just about fell over.  The planning process has been a long one.  I never would of thought the journey starting in November would still be under way in April.  But my dream is coming true.  I put a lot of heart and background into the planning.  I used the ideas in my head of how the operations of a restaurant work to make the flow of preparing a meal especially a holiday meal work with ease and when I presented my ideas to everyone I did get a few raised eyebrows but in the end everyone truly saw the vision of the direction I was going.  Now the puzzle is being put together.  

As you can see from the above photo the cabinets arrived actually today and the anticipation of the final results is pain staking.  We ordered the cabinets seeing the style we loved but the cabinet stain we only had seen a small piece of wood to choose from.  So when we actually got to see a cabinet when they unwrapped one was a huge sigh of relief.  It was perfect.  
I guess it's like anything when you plan something out without really knowing the results you have an unsettling knot in your stomach for you pray you make the right choices but also you also realize what we pick out we have to live with for 40 or 50 years.  It's not like you just change your kitchen's look like you change your sheets every week.  

Having to live on cereal and yogurt everyday is healthy yes but can get depressing for a gal who is so use to cooking something everyday.  I haven't been able to watch the Food Network like I usually do for I can't go in to the kitchen grab ingredients and create.  I've even been avoiding reading my cookbooks and cooking magazines some just because they make me hungry looking at the photos.  

I keep thinking about what I'm going to cook first once everything is in place.  The excitement of the new kitchen is insane not only the look but the new appliances.  
Oh what will the 1st creations be? Yes I'm like a kid in a candy shop.  Wheels are a churning, will it be homemade perogies, chicken riggies, chili, a turkey dinner with all the fixins???  Yes I'm having cooking withdrawls big time.  

Well the kitchen adventure lives on.  I must smile, relax and keep dusting till it's all said and done. The way I see it Extreme Make Over Home Edition builds a home in 7 days why can't a kitchen be done in 24 hours???  I'm not impatient now am I?


Claus said...

How exciting! It will surely look amazing!...and just how you imagined. I wish we could do renovations here as often as people in other countries do. Here, everything is concrete, so you can imagine it is not as easy to take this or that wall off. And it's twice as expensive. I have dreams of little renovations here and there at home, but it's my mom's house. And while she let's me do my craziness every now and then, in the end, it is her home (just as it was your in-law's at one point) and she likes it certain ways. Oh well...
be sure to share the end result!, and be patient. Soon, it will all be done :o)

Meg said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your kitchen remodel. :)