Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mastering Ones Own Cooking Challenges

What was it I said? I have enough cookbooks.  Well golly gee, to my wonderful suprise as I arrived home from work Saturday evening I found sitting on the couch hap hazzardly placed where my darling husband tossed the brown cardboard box.  But yet another cookbook that I had ordered.  This one I so anticipated it's arrival.  Mastering  the Art of French Cooking.  

As I opened the box it felt like Christmas.  Here it was a brand new copy of Julia Childs masterpiece.  For many years I never realized how much she had truly changed how the world viewed chooking and cooking shows.  She truly was a pioneer.  I look forward to the adventure that awaits me between this lovely hardcovered book.   Who wouldn't, were talking Julia the queen of the kitchen.  As I flip through the pages I realize I can take myself to France.  I may night be able to truly travel there but close enough.  If I can recreate the experince I sure will do so to the best of my ability.  So off I go to flip the pages and find my newest cooking adventure journey to travel.

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