Monday, December 7, 2009

Mothers Wisdoms

Brrrrr..... it's cold outside. I never understood growing up how my mother would sit there and say she didn't like winter and that I would understand as I got older. I would just laugh at her and say she was crazy. I loved winter and always would. Well here I am in my mid 40's and can honestly say I'm not a fan of the winter months anymore. If I'm sitting in the house watching the snow fall and not having to go out in it then I am rather content. But other than that I'm so miserible having to walk along late at night to my car in the freezing chilled air. The thrill and excitement of being out in the wintery conditions just isn't the same. I remember going out snowmobiling and sledding and not even thinking about going inside for hours. Now just reaching out to my mailbox is longer than I need to be out. I guess mothers do know what they are talking about. Sure wish she was still around to give me more of her wisdom. But since she is not the best I can do is remember all the wise things she did say. And especially remember to always make pie crust from scratch and not unroll from a box. Don't worry mom I got the message loud and clear.

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